bud light all-stars

Role: Art Direction, Design, Identity, Packaging

Meet the Bud Light All-stars

When Bud Light entered the world of eSports and competitive gaming, they knew they had to make a splash. This is why we created the Bud Light All-Stars, a program that highlights top eSports players by letting the fans decide who makes the cut. When 20 players from around the globe were nominated to be considered for the top 5, they received a special package, designed by us.

The challenge was to develop a visual language that resonated with the gaming world while staying true to the Bud Light brand.



The Invitation

Each of the 20 nominated players would receive an exclusive package with a customized trophy chalice in a swivel case, and a fold-out booklet that reveals information about the program with a unique congratulatory message.

The Vote

From our selection of 20 of gaming's finest, fans narrowed it down to their 5 All-Stars via Twitter voting.

Many of the players even created their own campaigns to encourage voting on Twitter:

The Winners

The All-star life

We gave the player's a taste of All-Star life with a mansion to live in during E-3 in Los Angeles.