I was Three Years Old

It was the fall of 1987 and I was in the park with my dad, Joe, riding a swing that was shaped like an animal. I was bundled up pretty good, which hindered my upper-body mobility. My dad took a few steps back with his camera to capture this milestone on video. I began to slide sideways, unable to grab the handles. My legs gripped the swing tightly as my body settled into a ninety degree angle while still swinging back and forth. I started to yell, “Joooeee! Jooooe! Joooe!” 

My father laughed and kept filming.

Today, I do Important Creative Business with some big, important brands. I also draw, *professionally* for some big, important magazines and books. I even have a collection of exotic magnets from all the places I've been.

So, who’s laughing now, dad?

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